Team Canada – Performance Cheer



The Cheer Canada High Performance Committee is looking for Canada’s best to represent our country at the 2020 ICU Junior World Championships and the 2020 ICU World Championships in Orlando, Florida. Teams can be formed by/from ANY Club, School, Group or Region within Canada.

There will be no preference given to All-Star Clubs or School teams, regionally representative teams or those from one organization. We would like to ask that the Team Canada dance program, and the potential formation of regional teams, does NOT become a recruiting tool between cheer clubs.

We are very proud of the fact that the Team Canada movement has been bringing our Canadian Cheerleading Community together for the past 11 years and we are not interested in this program being exploited for recruitment purposes. Gym Owners — please cooperate with other gyms and please, ensure that your coaches, athletes and parents understand the ramifications of overt recruitment. If forced to do so, unscrupulous recruiting practices may result in negative consideration by the adjudication committee.

Team Canada Dance is eligible and open to field teams in the following divisions:

Junior World Cheer (JWC) Divisions:

  • One Junior Team Hip Hop
  • One Junior Team Freestyle Pom

World Cheer (WC) Divisions:

  • One Team Hip Hop
  • One Team Freestyle Pom
  • One Team Jazz
  • One Doubles Team Hip Hop (2 athletes)
  • One Doubles Team Freestyle Pom (2 athletes)

Team Size/Number of athletes per team- JWC and WC Divisions

Team Hip Hop, Freestyle Pom: Minimum 16 athletes, maximum 24 athletes

Team Doubles Hip Hop, Doubles Team Cheer Freestyle Pom: Two (2) athletes

JWC Age Eligibility:

Each athlete must be between 12yrs and 16yrs within the year of the event (2020)

Teams will be required to have alternates/substitutes

Note: As a guideline for all teams, JWC athletes born on or between 1 January 2003 to 31 December 2008 would be age eligible for the 2020 Junior World Championships. Any team proven to be in violation of the age requirements will be automatically disqualified. Crossovers between all ICU Divisions and between JWC and WC are permitted.

WC Age Eligibility:

Each athlete must be 14yrs or older within the year of the event (2020).

Note: This age range best represents cheerleading on the global status for the national team competition. With the exception of the Junior World Championships divisions, there is no set maximum age. Any team proven to be in violation of the age requirements will be automatically disqualified. Crossovers between all ICU Divisions and between JWC and WC are permitted.

Application and Submission of Routine Video(s)

Complete Application form  payment before 11:59pm on January 31st , 2020

Application form will include :

o Link to “Private” YouTube Video for Adjudication

o Link for submission of $500 Application Fee per program ($100/duo)

o A complete Roster including alternates/substitutes should be provided upon request. (Team leader must confirm all athletes are age eligible) ONLY athletes intended to be competing should be on the roster.

o Proof of PSO and Cheer Canada membership

NOTE: Programs are permitted and encouraged to submit one video per dance

category. For example, one team may submit one video for hip hop and one video for

freestyle pom.

Video for each routine should include:

Full Routine that complies with ICU requirements

Each Team will have a maximum of 2 minutes and 15 seconds (2:15) each.

Doubles will have a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds (1:30).

Routine Choreography should follow ICU requirements and style

Show only your best skills with a level of mastery — clean and solid

Ensure entire routine is visible in video, judges can only judge what they can see

The environment for filming and athlete attire should be neutral and un-branded in order to prevent team identification.  We will be presenting numbered videos to the judge without titles or labels. Therefore, please refrain from adding titles or intros to videos.

Common yet plain attire (shirts/shorts) and filming in a generic facility like a high-school gymnasium would be preferred to ensure there is no positive or negative bias during the adjudication process.

Total Video length should be less than 4 minutes, after which, the video will be stopped

Judging will be completed by Feb. 10th and teams notified by February 15, 2020.

An impartial judging panel will be assembled and will be comprised of a minimum of five (5) judges from across the country. This panel will include recommended judges from Provincial Associations and industry leaders to fairly and transparently judge all videos submitted.

Judges shall use the ICU judging criteria to evaluate each video submission.

Following the selection of our Teams, these teams will receive support and advice from Cheer Canada Officials and ICU judging experts from within Canada.

Please know that while some logistical support and advice will be provided regarding the trip to Florida, the travel arrangements and all other aspects (including competition entry fees) of the trip will be the responsibility of the teams.

The following is a projected summary of costs incurred by a team travelling to ICU Worlds.

Cost of Uniform Various + Team Canada Apparel Package (Approx. $200 Cdn)

Likely to include: Tracksuit, shorts, tank, bra, bag, pins, t-shirts

Airfare Approx.: $600

Hotel (if commuting) $120 USD per room per night (2 Queen Beds)

ICU Commuter or Residential Registration (See below for estimate)

Good luck to all. We look forward to receiving amazing videos from across Canada!