September 14th, 2011 Update

If you haven’t already heard, on January 29th, 2011, provincial cheerleading body representatives, two respected Canadian based cheer event producers and a certified sports agent gathered together for an inaugural meeting to start the development of a national sport organization for cheerleading in Canada – Cheer Canada! Some of the driving forces behind this effort include the need for:

  • A consistent rule set to promote and ease travel between provinces/territories
  • A national coaches’ training & certification program
  • A national judges’ training & certification program that not only provides quality education, but enables the use of judges from across Canada
  • Affordable and comprehensive insurance for athletes & coaches
  • Eligibility and access to funding for teams
  • Support for the provincial sport organizations

Committees were struck and volunteers were summoned to work on the areas that required priority attention and development. We’re excited to announce the progress that has been made so far:

Coaches’ Training & Certification – Preliminary analysis is currently underway. The committee is reviewing and analyzing the various programs from across the country. Their goal is to pull together the strengths from this collection of programs into a high quality, national program.

Judges’ Training & Certification – The initial requirements have been identified for a consistent, national training program. Also, three preliminary sets of score sheets and corresponding skill grids for use by organizations and producers across Canada are in the process of being finalized. The three sets include all-star score sheets and school score sheets (both with and without a cheer requirement). They will be released in both category scoring formats and “one sheet” versions. The finalized score sheet sets will be posted on our website and will be ready for trial this season with several bodies intending to implement them.

Rules & Regulations – Analysis and discussions are wrapping up on the route to take in regards to rules and regulations for both school and all-star teams – whether it’s best for Canada to have its own set of rules or align with an existing rule set (and if so, which one…NFHS? AACCA? USASF?)

Communication – The domain has been secured and all official documents and communications will appear here. A Cheer Canada twitter account (@cheercanada) and Facebook accounts have been established. Upon the completion of committee work, these avenues will be used to communicate our progress.

Insurance – The committee is working with an insurance representative to discuss the various benefits, challenges, costs, and administrative requirements for offering an insurance policy to athletes across Canada.

Funding, Membership & Sponsorship – Initial analysis is in progress, but the committee is awaiting progress from other committee before proceeding.

National Competition – The 3rd annual Canadian Cheerleading Championship will once again be hosted by the Fédération de cheerleading du Québec from May 19-20, 2012. FCQ has done a great job hosting this event for the past few years and we’re excited to have them hosting again. Registration information will be posted on our website. Consider attending and supporting Cheer Canada!

We require and welcome the knowledge, effort, and expertise from experienced individuals across the country! If you are interested in helping out in any of the areas listed above, please head to the Contact section of this site. Thank-you to all those volunteers who have already contributed countless hours to this valuable and worthwhile movement!