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The Cheer Canada Board of Directors has been hard at work creating and approving Terms of Reference for the many committees we will need in order to help our sport move forward in Canada.  This has been an ongoing process, but these committees will soon begin work on the many facets of Cheerleading in our country.  In order to facilitate recruitment for these committees, and to disseminate information in the future to as many interested parties as possible, Cheer Canada is creating a contact list of interested athletes, coaches, judges, gym owners, event producers, vendors and others involved in the cheerleading community.

We will use this email contact list for a Cheer Canada newsletter and we will also use it to seek people interested in being members of committees. A more formal request for applications/expressions of interest will be sent in the near future.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Cheer Canada Secretary, Jennifer Guiney at , or any of the Cheer Canada Board members.

Cheer Canada Update

Dear Coaches, Gym Owners & Industry Professionals,

With the growth and development of cheerleading in Canada & worldwide, the time has come for us to once again pursue a truly national governing body that can represent all facets of our sport coast-to-coast and internationally, through the

International Cheer Union (ICU), the worldwide governing authority for cheerleading & dance.

This past September representatives from nine provinces and a number of industry leaders met in Montreal to continue dialogue on what a national governing body could become and how this goal might be achieved. All provinces are now working together to create a national governing body that will connect our sport and work towards recognition for cheerleading through Sport Canada.

We are always looking for those who would like to become involved in our efforts and we want to assure you that our goals are very much in line with the existing provincial sports organizations.

To that end, one of our objectives is the education and training of Canadian coaches. As you may be aware, the USASF is no longer credentialing international coaches. We have been fortunate to negotiate an extension with the USASF until February 1st, 2016. If you have any coaches that need to become certified or require recertification under this system we encourage you to do so before that time. It is important to stress that when the USASF began, its purpose was to govern all-star cheerleading in the United States. With the emergence of the Cheerleading World’s that organization had become a de facto international authority, which was never its intent or purpose.

Moving forward, Cheer Canada will be working with the ICU as they work with all facets of the cheerleading community (all-star, scholastic, & post secondary) to implement a new coaches certification program effective May 1st, 2016.

It is important to stress that we are not the only country experiencing this transition. We have opened dialogue with other countries who are making similar changes, and we are also looking to the NCCP program here in Canada as a model of what our courses and training should look like. The ICU has set guidelines for what each certification program should encompass and we are exploring all options available to us.

Over the next few months you will be receiving several updates from our group. It is important that our efforts are transparent and inclusive. All opinions and suggestions matter.

Should you have any questions about the credentialing process please contact your provincial governing body and/or one of the parties responsible for credentialing in your area.

We wish you continued success this year & all the very best this holiday season.

Cheer Nova Scotia Recognized

Congratulations Megan Shepherd and Cheer NS for gaining full sport recognition for All Star Cheer in Nova Scotia with Cheer NS becoming the official PSO.  Scholastic Cheer is already fully recognized in the province through the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation, so now all cheer is recognition which is great for all athletes in the province.

Great work!