Canadian Cheer Team Invited to Perform at the XXIII Winter Olympic Games

Cheer Canada is pleased to announce that Karma, the much celebrated Open All Girl level 6 team from the Flyers Cheer Gym in Montreal, Quebec will be participating in the Global Cheerleading Supporters initiative, led by the Korean Cheerleading Association; supporting athletes and raising awareness of our sport at the XXIII Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea in February, 2018.

Read the announcement for more information:

Cheer Canada News Release

New Board of Directors Elected

Announcing a Newly Elected Board of Directors of Cheerleading Canada Inc.
We are pleased to announce with the Special Meeting of the Members of Cheerleading Canada Inc. on Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 that Cheer Canada has a newly elected Board of Directors. The following eleven individuals from across the country have been elected, taking a leadership role in governance of the sport of cheerleading in Canada.


Lilly Demers (Quebec) – East Regional Director

Tanya Doerr (Ontario) – Director at Large

Krista Gerlich-Fitzgerald (British Columbia) – Vice-President & Director at Large

Jim Greenough (Alberta) – President & Pacific Regional Director

Jennifer Guiney (Alberta) – Secretary & Director at Large

Katie Kovacs (Ontario) – Athlete Rep Director

Michelle Laflamme (Quebec) – Director at Large

Ashley Markwart (Saskatchewan) – Director at Large

Erica Royal (Nova Scotia) – Treasurer & Atlantic Regional Director

Tara Savoie (Ontario) – Central Regional Director

Alissa Stewart (Saskatchewan) – West Regional Director


We want to thank a number of individuals for the roles they have played in helping develop Cheer Canada to where it is today. First of all, Chuck Holland, Patti McNeill and Mishayla Kapell, original Board members at Cheer Canada’s inception have contributed greatly to the sport in this country. To Lisa Aucoin for being a positive catalyst in bringing our country together over the past 2-1/2 years. To Doug Martin for taking leadership in the organization of Team Canada, our country’s elite athletes. And, thanks to Don Moffatt’s seasoned leadership over the past 13 months; guiding us all to this position of solidarity through collaboration.

With Cheer Canada recently revising its By-laws with the input and support of the International Cheer Union (ICU) and with cheerleading being recognized by the IOC as a provisional sport in the Olympics, our Cheer Canada Board of Directors is excited to lead the development of best in class sport governance in Cheerleading. “With the amazing depth of knowledge and passion for our sport that exists from coast to coast, the future of our sport is bright”, said Jim Greenough, President.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments.


View the official release –  Cheerleading Canada – News Release – October 11, 2017

Notice of Special Meeting of the Members of Cheerleading Canada – October 11th, 2017

NOTICE of Special Meeting of the Members of Cheerleading Canada Inc.

Notice date: September 7, 2017

TO:        All Members of Cheerleading Canada Inc. (“CCI”), Chuck Holland, Patti McNeill and Mishayla Kapell

FROM:  British Columbia Cheerleading Association, Alberta Cheerleading Association, Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association, Manitoba Association of Cheerleading, Manitoba Cheerleading Federation, Ontario Cheerleading Federation, the Fédération de Cheerleading du Québec, Cheer Nova Scotia, Cheer New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador Cheerleading Association, all referred to as the “Notice Members”

cc:        Don Moffatt, Chair, Members Nominating committee
Laura Mar and Lorna Holland, members of the Nominating Committee
Lisa Aucoin, participant of the Members By-Law committee
Leanne Charlton, President, New Brunswick Cheer Association

In accordance with Article III of the By-Laws of Cheerleading Canada Inc., Notice is hereby provided of a Special Meeting of the Members of CCI to be held:

DATE:  Wednesday, October 11, 2017

TIME:   7:00 pm (EDT) / 4:00pm (Pacific) / 8:00 pm (Atlantic)

PLACE: Meeting to be held electronically, via conference call.  All members have been sent this call-in information.

Whereas the Members unanimously approved revised By-Laws at a Special Meeting of Cheerleading Canada Inc. held on June 26, 2017, and

Whereas the Members are required to elect Directors to the Board of Directors of CCI, and

Whereas a Nominating Committee was appointed by the Members to seek Nominations for  Directors of the Board of CCI, and

Whereas  the deadline to receive nominations to be considered as a Director has passed, and

Whereas all Regions have elected their Regional Directors, and

Whereas a separate committee of organizers and coaches of Team Canada has selected a Nominee for the position of Athlete Director,

The Notice Members hereby agree that the Special Meeting shall have the following Agenda, with items to be voted upon, as applicable:

  1. to accept and ratify the Regional Directors to the Board of Cheerleading Canada Inc.,
  2. to accept and ratify the Athlete Board Member as selected by a committee of Team Canada representatives,
  3. to elect up to five (5) At-Large Directors of Cheerleading Canada Inc.,
  4. to allow the new Board of Directors to select their recommended Officers,
  5. to accept and elect the recommended Officers or to ask the Board of Directors to revise their list of recommended Officers and re-submit such revisions to the Members, and
  6. once the Officers are accepted and elected by the Members, there will be some closing comments and the meeting will be adjourned.

For purposes of the Special Meeting hereby called, the Notice Members have asked Mr. Don Moffatt to chair the Special Meeting and Mishayla Kapell to be the scrutineer.


Voting Delegates of Members (in good standing) of Cheerleading Canada may participate in the Special Meeting.  Names of Delegates of each Member must be provided to Mishayla Kapell ( no later than Monday, October 2, 2017 at 11:59pm CST.

All Director Nominees, including those already elected as Regional or Athlete Directors will also attend the Special Meeting (but have no vote). Once fully elected by the Members, all Directors will immediately meet to select Officers.


British Columbia Cheerleading Association, Alberta Cheerleading Association, Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association, Manitoba Association of Cheerleading, Manitoba Cheerleading Federation, Ontario Cheerleading Federation, the  Fédération de Cheerleading du Québec, Cheer Nova Scotia, Cheer New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador Cheerleading Association.


On or before September 6th, 2017, the Regional Directors were elected by their region members and the Athlete Director was selected.

The elected Regional Directors are:

  1. Pacific Region – Jim Greenough
  2. West Region – Alissa Stewart
  3. Central Region – Tara Savoie
  4. Eastern Region – Lilly Demers
  5. Atlantic Region – Erica Royal

The selected Athlete Director is Katie Kovacs

The individuals nominated for up to 5 At Large Board position (to be voted on during the October 11th, 2017 meeting) are:

  1. Ali Moffatt
  2. Ashley Markwart
  3. Cheryl Hoskin
  4. Chris McLeod
  5. Chuck Holland
  6. Corby Anderson
  7. David Master
  8. Jennifer Guiney
  9. Jenny Sych
  10. Krista Gerlich-Fitzgerald
  11. Lisa Aucoin
  12. Marcy Kuzemchak
  13. Mia Heitland
  14. Michelle LaFlamme
  15. Rachel Guenther
  16. Rolton Edwards
  17. Sonja-Lucia Aquila
  18. Spencer Weisensel
  19. Stephen Mills
  20. Tanya Doerr


For more information, please contact Mishayla Kapell –

ICU Worlds Update – Friday, April 28th, 2017

Pride is overflowing as we celebrate the accomplishments of our All Girl and Coed cheer teams at the 2017 ICU World Championships. Both teams had amazing final days and wowed the crowd. Devoted Team Canada fans took over the building and drowned everything else out.

With the Coed team finishing 5th in a tough group and our All Girl team winning the bronze medal, we could not be prouder.  The All Girl bronze is our first medal since we have moved up to the Premier division.

Congratulations to all our athletes, fans, and those who have led the teams to success:

Coed Coaches
David Lee Tracy (Trace)
Sandy Han
Jeremy Wong

All Girl Coaches
Marcy Kuzemchak
Thomas Rath
Jenn Louth

Support Crew
Tanya O’Brien
Corby Anderson

Organized By
Doug Martin

Your hardworking and perseverance is second to none!




All official Cheer Canada communication will be distributed through the email, or through this website.




ICU Worlds Update – Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Cheer Canada would like to extend our well wishes for all teams attending the Cheerleading Worlds this week and weekend!

Some updates from the Canadian front:

  1. The International Cheer Union Continental and Annual meetings were held on April 24th and 25th. Karl Olson, the Secretary General of the ICU, extended an invitation to provincial cheer organization leaders. Canada was well represented!
  2. The inaugural ICU Junior World Cheerleading Championships were held on April 26th. We are proud to announce that in the Advanced Division, Team Canada’s Co-ed team placed 2nd and in the All Girl division, Canada placed 1st in the world! We are so proud of all our young athletes and coaches who represented our country so well!
  3. In the preliminary round of the ICU World Cheerleading Championships April 27th, Cheer Canada is pleased to report that both the Co-ed and All Girl teams in the Premier Division will be moving forward to the Final Round on Friday, April 28th. The final schedule can be downloaded at and the Event may be streamed live on the Olympic Channel. You may also stay in touch by downloading the ICU App ( ICU WCC ).

Olympics Update

We’re excited to pass along an update from Karl Olson on the Olympics front:

I wanted to pass along some very good news on Cheerleading international recognition.  Overall, there have been some recent significant developments within the International Sport Authority Community, and last month – the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board voted to provisionally recognize ICU’s umbrella group of International Sport Federations (IFs) within SportAccord – the IF umbrella group called ”AIMS” (Association of Independent Recognized Members of Sport). The ICU has been a member of AIMS (and SportAccord) since May 2013, and therefore; ICU is now under the umbrella of this IOC provisional recognition- which is a significant step for our Sport. 

Although this is a very important milestone for the International Cheer Union (ICU) and for our Sport of Cheerleading, the ICU will also continue to pursue independent sport recognition by the IOC, which has been underway since December 2010 – and the ICU continues to be in ongoing discussions with the IOC regarding this process. As developments arise, we will continue to update the membership.

In the meantime – we trust enclosed IOC provisional recognition of ICU’s umbrella group of International Sport Federations- AIMS – should prove helpful to all recognition efforts. Listed below are a few letters (one important one was provided this past Friday 8 January 2016) to further explain this, so we encourage you to use any of these letters to assist with any recognition efforts- as needed.

1.  IOC Provisional Recognition of AIMS -Alliance of Independent of Recognized Members of Sport…/2015-12-14-LE-MrStepha…

2 AIMS Recognition of International Cheer Union (ICU) as an AIMS Member since May 2013…/2015_APNAIMS_3039_ICU.…

3. AIMS President to AIMS Membership confirming the decision of the IOCProvisional Recognition of AIMS


Cheer Canada Update

Dear Coaches, Gym Owners & Industry Professionals,

With the growth and development of cheerleading in Canada & worldwide, the time has come for us to once again pursue a truly national governing body that can represent all facets of our sport coast-to-coast and internationally, through the

International Cheer Union (ICU), the worldwide governing authority for cheerleading & dance.

This past September representatives from nine provinces and a number of industry leaders met in Montreal to continue dialogue on what a national governing body could become and how this goal might be achieved. All provinces are now working together to create a national governing body that will connect our sport and work towards recognition for cheerleading through Sport Canada.

We are always looking for those who would like to become involved in our efforts and we want to assure you that our goals are very much in line with the existing provincial sports organizations.

To that end, one of our objectives is the education and training of Canadian coaches. As you may be aware, the USASF is no longer credentialing international coaches. We have been fortunate to negotiate an extension with the USASF until February 1st, 2016. If you have any coaches that need to become certified or require recertification under this system we encourage you to do so before that time. It is important to stress that when the USASF began, its purpose was to govern all-star cheerleading in the United States. With the emergence of the Cheerleading World’s that organization had become a de facto international authority, which was never its intent or purpose.

Moving forward, Cheer Canada will be working with the ICU as they work with all facets of the cheerleading community (all-star, scholastic, & post secondary) to implement a new coaches certification program effective May 1st, 2016.

It is important to stress that we are not the only country experiencing this transition. We have opened dialogue with other countries who are making similar changes, and we are also looking to the NCCP program here in Canada as a model of what our courses and training should look like. The ICU has set guidelines for what each certification program should encompass and we are exploring all options available to us.

Over the next few months you will be receiving several updates from our group. It is important that our efforts are transparent and inclusive. All opinions and suggestions matter.

Should you have any questions about the credentialing process please contact your provincial governing body and/or one of the parties responsible for credentialing in your area.

We wish you continued success this year & all the very best this holiday season.

Cheer Nova Scotia Recognized

Congratulations Megan Shepherd and Cheer NS for gaining full sport recognition for All Star Cheer in Nova Scotia with Cheer NS becoming the official PSO.  Scholastic Cheer is already fully recognized in the province through the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation, so now all cheer is recognition which is great for all athletes in the province.

Great work!

Calling All Volunteers

We need the knowledge, effort, and expertise from experienced individuals across the country—from you! We are calling on experienced volunteers who would be willing to contribute in the following areas. If you are interested in helping, please email the listed committee chairperson. Please spread the word—if you know of someone who would be a great asset to one of the committees below, please forward this information to them!
Coaches’ Training & Certification—
Judges’ Training & Certification—
Rules & Regulations—
Funding, Membership & Sponsorships—

September 14th, 2011 Update

If you haven’t already heard, on January 29th, 2011, provincial cheerleading body representatives, two respected Canadian based cheer event producers and a certified sports agent gathered together for an inaugural meeting to start the development of a national sport organization for cheerleading in Canada – Cheer Canada! Some of the driving forces behind this effort include the need for:

  • A consistent rule set to promote and ease travel between provinces/territories
  • A national coaches’ training & certification program
  • A national judges’ training & certification program that not only provides quality education, but enables the use of judges from across Canada
  • Affordable and comprehensive insurance for athletes & coaches
  • Eligibility and access to funding for teams
  • Support for the provincial sport organizations

Committees were struck and volunteers were summoned to work on the areas that required priority attention and development. We’re excited to announce the progress that has been made so far:

Coaches’ Training & Certification – Preliminary analysis is currently underway. The committee is reviewing and analyzing the various programs from across the country. Their goal is to pull together the strengths from this collection of programs into a high quality, national program.

Judges’ Training & Certification – The initial requirements have been identified for a consistent, national training program. Also, three preliminary sets of score sheets and corresponding skill grids for use by organizations and producers across Canada are in the process of being finalized. The three sets include all-star score sheets and school score sheets (both with and without a cheer requirement). They will be released in both category scoring formats and “one sheet” versions. The finalized score sheet sets will be posted on our website and will be ready for trial this season with several bodies intending to implement them.

Rules & Regulations – Analysis and discussions are wrapping up on the route to take in regards to rules and regulations for both school and all-star teams – whether it’s best for Canada to have its own set of rules or align with an existing rule set (and if so, which one…NFHS? AACCA? USASF?)

Communication – The domain has been secured and all official documents and communications will appear here. A Cheer Canada twitter account (@cheercanada) and Facebook accounts have been established. Upon the completion of committee work, these avenues will be used to communicate our progress.

Insurance – The committee is working with an insurance representative to discuss the various benefits, challenges, costs, and administrative requirements for offering an insurance policy to athletes across Canada.

Funding, Membership & Sponsorship – Initial analysis is in progress, but the committee is awaiting progress from other committee before proceeding.

National Competition – The 3rd annual Canadian Cheerleading Championship will once again be hosted by the Fédération de cheerleading du Québec from May 19-20, 2012. FCQ has done a great job hosting this event for the past few years and we’re excited to have them hosting again. Registration information will be posted on our website. Consider attending and supporting Cheer Canada!

We require and welcome the knowledge, effort, and expertise from experienced individuals across the country! If you are interested in helping out in any of the areas listed above, please head to the Contact section of this site. Thank-you to all those volunteers who have already contributed countless hours to this valuable and worthwhile movement!