Team Canada Premier

Cheer Canada, the recognised National Sport Organization for cheerleading in Canada, is pleased to announce a call to all athletes that wish to represent Canada at the ICU World Championships in the Premier divisions for the 2019-2020 season.

This year represents a change to the way athletes will be selected to teams so please be sure to review the entire document and note the dates and requirements. Any questions regarding the process should be sent to for clarification.

INTRODUCING: The Team Canada Academy Program

The Cheer Canada High Performance Committee is excited to introduce the Academy Program, our long-term development stream designed to identify and develop future Premier Team athletes. This program will have its own coaching staff and resources.

Academy athletes will be elite cheerleading athletes country-wide aged 14 & up, selected by Team Canada Coaches at country-wide Academy Tryouts.

*Please note that all ages are determined as of December 31, 2020

Academy athletes will receive in-depth training at the Academy Development Camp, learning elite level skills in the Team Canada way. It is the High Performance Committee’s goal that these athletes will then bring these skills back to their home gyms, become leaders in their communities and continue to develop high performance cheerleading country-wide. Care will be taken to ensure that all skills taught are appropriate to each athlete’s abilities.

Academy athletes will also receive year-round online coaching from Team Canada Academy coaches as well as a Team Canada Academy T-shirt.



ALL athletes interested in Team Canada Premier & Academy MUST attend a regionally-offered Combine. In some areas, multiple tryouts will be offered along with a final “open call” prior to our Roster Identification Camp in late December.

No video submissions will be accepted. 

2019-2020 Tryout Dates:

  • Edmonton, AB – Oct 12, 2019

    • 9am-12pm at Perfect Storm Sherwood

  • Vancouver, BC – Oct 12, 2019

    • 6pm-9pm at Panther Cheer Athletics

  • Saskatoon, SK – Oct 12, 2019

    • 12-3pm at Prairie Fire

  • Winnipeg, MB – Oct 13, 2019

    • 9am-12pm at Central Cheer

  • Halifax, NS – Oct 13, 2019

    • 9am-12pm at West Halifax Cheer

  • Uxbridge, ON – Oct 13, 2019

    • 6pm-9pm at Air Force Mavericks

  • Montreal, QC – Oct 14, 2019

    • 9am-12pm at Pirates

  • Ottawa, ON – Oct 14, 2019

    • 5pm-8pm at Black Widow Cheer Gym

  • Brampton, ON – Nov 30, 2019

    • 6:30-8:30pm at PCA Nationals

  • Quebec City, QC – November 9, 2019

    • 6-9pm at ACE

  • Calgary, AB – November 16, 2019 from 4-7pm

Cost to attend: $100.00.  Online sign-up & payment available here:

Click here to sign-up online

Combines are to identify potential current and future Team Canada athletes. Team Canada coaching staff will be present to instruct and identify those people that they wish to attend our Roster Identification Camp.

Tryout skill requirements: None. Athletes are strongly encouraged to attend with a stunt group or partner to show their best skills, however individual athletes will be placed together in groups. Coaches will be looking for current and future elite level potential.

Please note that these tryouts are open to athletes ages 14 and up HOWEVER to become a member of Team Canada Premier you MUST be 17 years of age on or before December 31, 2020. Younger athletes selected will be invited into the Academy Program.


Once identified at Regional Combine – Attend Roster Identification Camp: December 27, 2019 in Mississauga, ON

Cost to attend: $250 for all athletes

Roster Identification Camp will bring together high performance athletes identified from across the country to work together with the national coaching staff.

There is no guarantee that any person asked to attend the Roster ID camp will be selected for Team Canada Premier 2019-2020. Athletes invited to attend Roster ID camp who do not make the Premier Teams will be offered a place in the Academy, and will attend the Academy training camp immediately following.

All costs associated  (including travel, accommodation and food) with this attending Roster ID camp and the subsequent first Premier Home Camp/Academy Camp are at the expense of the athlete. Hotel room blocks will be made available for booking by out-of-town athletes.

In order to ensure fairness, this Roster ID camp & Home Camp 1/Academy Camp will be changing locations yearly across the country. 2020-2021 location will be Calgary, AB.


Academy athletes: those athletes selected to be Academy members will work with the training staff at a development camp (December 28-30) in Greater Toronto Area, ON.

Ongoing remote coaching and monitoring will continue throughout the 2020 season.

Total Cost to be a Team Canada Academy member is $350 ($100 Tryout fee + $250 Roster ID/Development Camp Fee).


Rostered Premier Athletes: immediately following our Roster ID Camp, named Premier athletes will begin working with their coaching staff at Home Camp #1 (December 28-30) in Mississauga, ON

Total Cost to be a Team Canada Premier team member is $1000 ($100 Tryout fee + $250 Roster ID/Home Camp 1 fee + $650 remaining fees)


What is provided by Team Canada Cheer:

  • An amazing experience as a member of the 2019-2020 National Team Program

  • Travel and housing costs for Home Camp 2 in London, ON

  • Housing and ground transportation for Camp 3 & ICU Championships in Florida – From Saturday, April 18th-22 and April 27-30

  • Cheer Canada subsidized housing for non-USASF athletes throughout USASF Worlds April 23-26

  • Extensive Team Canada Uniform and Apparel package from Total Spirit

  • Professional medical care at all Training Camps and Competitions

  • Liability and Sport Accident Insurance for all Team Canada Activities

  • Out-of-Country medical insurance from Saturday, April 18 to Thursday, April 30, 2020 

What is not provided by the Team Canada Cheer program during the process:

  • Travel and accommodation to Roster ID Camp or Home Camp #1

  • Food during all training camps and through competition week

  • Travel or accommodation for athletes within a 100km radius of Home Camp 2

  • Airfare to/from Florida

  • Extension of out-of-country medical if an athlete’s stay is extended

What must also be provided by the athlete:

  • 100% effort and a team focused attitude

  • Desire to meet and exceed all expectations of coaches and the team related to mental and physical preparedness.

Payment Due Dates:

  • ALL Athletes: $100 tryout fee: Online sign up prior to attendance

  • ALL Athletes: $250 Roster ID & Camp 1 fee: Dec 5th, 2019

  • Selected to Academy: No further fees

  • PREMIER Athletes: February 15th, 2020 $250 – 1st deposit due

  • March 1st, 2020 $200 second deposit due

  • March 22nd, 2020 $200 – final payment due

Fundraising Campaign

A GoFundMe campaign will be set up, similar to that of previous years which enable donations from the general public who wish to support the National Team Program. NEW this year: any donation allocated to a particular athlete will be applied to that athlete’s account — MINUS the GoFundMe service fees — and will reduce the payment amounts due at the subsequent payment date. Please note that any donation made via GoFundMe that is not allocated to a specific athlete will be applied to the general funding account and applied for the benefit of all.

Donations from family members or corporate donations can also be made via cheque or etransfer to to ensure entire donation amount is applied to the athlete’s account.

In addition, the Cheer Canada Sponsorship Committee will be actively seeking support from the cheerleading community as well as the corporate community to facilitate more funding for the program. We are excited about the expected increase in National support!

Important Dates

Probable East / West Training Dates To be held at central locations likely to be in AB/BC or ON/QC where coaches would travel to areas with high concentration of Team Canada athletes for one day of training. Dates will be based on greatest availability of coaches and athletes. Dates TBD based on team selection.

Team Canada camps:

  • December 26 – travel

  • December 27 – camp starts at 9am

  • December 30 – until 2pm, travel home later

Camp 2: London, ON

  • March 13 – travel, possible late team meeting or open practice

  • March 14 – begins 9am

  • March 17 – until 2pm, travel home after

Camp 3: Orlando, FL

  • April 18 – travel morning, shuttle 3pm, practice 6pm

  • April 19-22 – training

  • April 23-26 USASF/IASF (released to club teams)

  • April 27 to 29 – ICU

  • April 30 – travel home

Register Today!

Cheer Canada is thrilled to offer these first-round invitations to our 2020 Roster ID Camp and/or the High-Performance Academy to the following athletes.

Details will be forthcoming via email to participants.

Nikolaj Austin, Peter Acton, Cori Allen, Emmalie Arbez, Karolane Archambault, Françoit Barbeau, Tanya Barontseff, Ella Bergeron, Mark Bisnauth, Robyn Blanchard, William Bourgeois, AnnaRose Boyes, Jakob Brinkhof, Carolyne, Bromley, Evan Brown, Eliana Bussey, Sarah Butt, Kelsey Nicole Calorendi, Emily Cameron, Brandy Cameron, Mario Carito, Alex Caron, Jovi Carty, Tahlia Changfoot, Haley Chau, Kaitlyn Chen, Marc Chin, Demi Chong, David Clark, Teya Craik, Stella Cribar, Kathleen Croft, Priscilla Cunningham, Brandon Daley, Briana Dallinger, Alexia Dattilo, Renée Daugherty, Kylee Davies, Olivia Dimmer, Megan Donnelly, Cleo Duffy, Jess Dumont, Ashton Ellis, Maris Fardoe, Taylor Fiissel, Triny Fong, Jensen Fuchs, Katie Fyfe, Denika Garrick, Caleigh Goodwin, Emma Gouthro, April Grant, Tea Ham, Kaitlyn Harvey, Skyla, Hateley, Damon, Haywood, Jaclyn Hill, Emily Ho, Alyssa Hogan, Megan Hogan, Megan Hunter, Emily Huppe, laurren iliffe, Jordan Im, Darren Johnson, Abigail Joyce, Kasey Kam, Geri-paige Karlson, Bromley Kennedy, Sierra Kennedy, Morgan Kerr, Courtney Kiddie, Aunna Klein, Ava Knott, Tyler Knowles, Brooke Kollesavich, Cianna Konecsni, Regan Lackner, Chelsea Lacusta, Marc-Olivier Lavoie, Skyler Layton, Sophie LeClair-Robertson, Melinda Leite, Meagan (Missy) Levasseur, Kaitlyn Lindberg, Danielle Logozny, Emily Long, Denise Low, Haleigh MacAskill, Danielle MacDonald, Sara Maddalozzo, Kiera Madsen, Stephane Martel, Kristen McKay, Lexi (Alexis) McRae, Ariane Ménard, Francis Menezes Thibault, Lachlan Meyer, Aliya Moffatt, Taylor Morris, Alicia Murray, Hailey Musto, Reese Myers, Binh Ngo, Victoria Nguyen, Josie Norris, Britney Olivares, Devanie ONeill, Taia Oneill, Kevin Pat Fong, Molly Pendergrast, Dayne Peterson, Han Ping, Michelle Piper Kulak, Kenzie Prachar, Katlyn Prigotzke, Jonathan Proulx, Sidney Quesnelle, Ashley Ravestein, Julia Reinhard, Lilyah Richardson, Catherine Ries, Breanne Rintjema, Christie Roethlingshoefer, Madison Rollins, Natasha Samounty, Ellie Saplywy, Hannah Shank, Reagan Slobinyk, Paul Smith, Jessica St John, Stacey St-Louis Jacques, Janie Stel,Emma Stevens, Kira Straub, Nick Summerville, Nicola Tailleur, Olivia Tait, Kayla Taylor, Avery Teo, Emma Thornton, Emma Thorpe, Alexandra Tremblay, Nicholas Verburg, Madelynn Wade, Kendall Weiss, David Wesley-James, Katlyn Yee, Daniel Yip