School Rule Book

Canadian Scholastic ICU Rules & Regulations


The 2019/20 Scholastic Rule Book will be released as soon as possible.


These rules are taken from the International Cheer Union ‘2018 ICU Rules’ and ‘WSCC 2018 Divisions, Rules and Regulations’ rule books and are published by Cheer Canada with permission from the International Cheer Union.

Scholastic Rule Book

Approved Committee Recommendations for Scholastic Cheer

  1. That Cheer Canada embrace and implement the ICU Safety Rules according to the recommended Scholastic Grid at the link here.
  2. That PSO’s completely implement the Scholastic Grid as approved by the Cheer Canada Board by the 2020/2021 cheer season.
  3. That PSO’s implement a music limit of 1:30 and a routine limit of 2:30 to align fully with ICU.
    1. Cheers can be in French and/or English.
    2. The ICU routine requirements are a maximum of 1:30 of music, the maximum time for a routine is 2:30, therefore most cheers would be around 45 seconds in length.
  4. That PSO’s adopt the FISU and ICU National Team format for Post-Secondary Cheer as described below:
    1. Time of Routine 
      1. Cheer Portion: Can be placed in the beginning or middle of routine. Cheer portion minimum time requirement is thirty (30) seconds. Maximum time between Cheer and Music portion: Twenty (20) seconds
      2. Music portion: Two minutes, thirty seconds (2:30)
  5. That the Scholastic Cheer Season be recognized as:
    1. Competition Season, September 1 to May 31: Teams may hold tryouts and compete within this time frame.
    2. Off-Season, June 1 to August 31: Teams may practice, work on team development, technique, skill progression, but may not compete in the off-season.
  6. That these rules be implemented for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 cheer seasons and re-evaluated by the Scholastic and University Cheer Committee before the 2020/2021 season. The purpose of this re-evaluation is to:
    1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Scholastic Grid in the provinces; and,
    2. Make sure that the long-term goals of the Committee are still relevant.