Scholastic Scoring System

2019-2020 Scoring System

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  • Verification of the breakdowns of grades. As some provinces or regions have slight variations your PSO will have further clarification on the grade divisions in your area.
  • The provincial policy for school athlete eligibility.
    • The recommendation is that athletes must attend the school they are representing. Provincial policies may include exceptions for schools which do not offer a team or feeder schools.
  • The recommendation is that athletes may compete on both a school team and with an all star program unless where prohibited due to provincial regulation.



  • For a team cheer routine the cheer portion is required but has no time minimum or maximum, it must be at the beginning or middle of the routine. The total music length may not exceed one minute and thirty seconds (1:30). The total routine length may not exceed two minutes and thirty seconds (2:30).
  • For Game Day each element is between thirty seconds (:30) to one minute (1:00) each with a break between each element.



  • A program may replace a missing member of a team with another athlete from their program even if not listed on the event’s Official Event Roster.
  • If the replacement does not meet the age requirements for that division then the team’s performance will be for exhibition only.
  • A team is limited to a maximum of 3 unplanned athlete replacements at an event. If a team requires more than 3 replacements the team’s performance will be for exhibition only.



  • REMINDER: School Advanced and Junior Advanced ICU are different. In this document “Advanced” refers to School Advanced.
  • Creativity is not split between stunt and pyramid creativity. Creativity is assessed with routine composition.
  • An individual athlete is limited to compete on three teams during an event (between all star and scholastic where applicable).
  • The cheer component may be in English or French.
  • Scoring is in increments of 0.1 (a tenth of a point).
  • The Level Appropriate Skills chart includes examples of level appropriate skills that may be performed, but does not encompass every skill that may be performed. Coaches are responsible for ensuring any skill performed in their routine are compliant with the safety rules.