Olympics Update

We’re excited to pass along an update from Karl Olson on the Olympics front:

I wanted to pass along some very good news on Cheerleading international recognition.  Overall, there have been some recent significant developments within the International Sport Authority Community, and last month – the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board voted to provisionally recognize ICU’s umbrella group of International Sport Federations (IFs) within SportAccord – the IF umbrella group called ”AIMS” (Association of Independent Recognized Members of Sport). The ICU has been a member of AIMS (and SportAccord) since May 2013, and therefore; ICU is now under the umbrella of this IOC provisional recognition- which is a significant step for our Sport. 

Although this is a very important milestone for the International Cheer Union (ICU) and for our Sport of Cheerleading, the ICU will also continue to pursue independent sport recognition by the IOC, which has been underway since December 2010 – and the ICU continues to be in ongoing discussions with the IOC regarding this process. As developments arise, we will continue to update the membership.

In the meantime – we trust enclosed IOC provisional recognition of ICU’s umbrella group of International Sport Federations- AIMS – should prove helpful to all recognition efforts. Listed below are a few letters (one important one was provided this past Friday 8 January 2016) to further explain this, so we encourage you to use any of these letters to assist with any recognition efforts- as needed.

1.  IOC Provisional Recognition of AIMS -Alliance of Independent of Recognized Members of Sport

2 AIMS Recognition of International Cheer Union (ICU) as an AIMS Member since May 2013

3. AIMS President to AIMS Membership confirming the decision of the IOCProvisional Recognition of AIMS