Cheer Canada formally approved the registrant fees for 2019/20. Registrants include all levels of athletes, coaches, coaches-in-training, and officials/judges.   The fee will stay at $5.00 per registrant, however there will be an administrative fee of $1.50 per registrant charged at the time of registration.   The sole reason for the registrant fee increase relates to the Membership database, which we are very excited about and will be implementing this year.

February 13, 2018

TO: ALL Gym Owners, Clubs, Scholastic & University Teams and PSO’s

RE: Participant Fees assessed for 2018-19 cheer season

This is an open notice to All Star cheer gym owners, managers and coaches, every school and university team coach and administrator and every judge. This is being sent to all Provincial Sports Organizations and directly to Cheer Canada’s email list. If you are reading this, we also urge you to share this with others in your cheer network who could benefit from the information contained. If you are a representative of a PSO, please send this in its entirety to all your members immediately.

Cheer gyms, schools and indeed, the entire cheer community are already planning for the 2018-19 cheer season; budgeting costs and planning competitions. Cheer Canada will be making an announcement on February 16th relating to age grids, which will aid in the planning of team compositions and competitions.

This notice deals with fees that will be assessed for the 2018-2019 cheer season.

As you know, our sport is growing; gaining credibility and recognition internationally. It is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport, already provisionally recognized by the IOC. However, the ONLY way Canada will ever be permitted to compete at this level will be if both Sport Canada (our federal government’s sporting governance arm) AND the Canadian Olympic Committee formally recognize cheerleading as a sport, and Cheer Canada as its sole national governing body in all aspects of the sport.

There are many requirements to be fulfilled in order to gain these approvals. One such requirement is that Cheer Canada must have information relating to all participants (athletes, coaches and officials) registered with Cheer Canada directly, or through a provincial sports organization and that each participant must be associated with a fee.

Accordingly, Cheer Canada will be assessing Participant fees of $5 per individual for the 2018-19 season. This will be due and payable by November 30, 2018.  The method for collection of this fee (through PSO’s or by a national participant database) will be determined by a committee of Cheer Canada responsible for assessing and providing recommendations for a Membership Management System. It is hoped that this system will be in place in September, 2018 (if you are interested in applying to participate in this or any other committee of Cheer Canada, please complete the Application Form on our website by Feb 23).

Funds generated from this fee will be used to manage Cheer Canada and to develop the services and governance it is responsible for.

The purpose of this notice is so that you will have the opportunity to build these fees in to your overall financial model as you are planning right now. Please note that Cheer Canada commits to advise you of the 2019-20 fees by November 30, 2018.

If you have any questions relating to this notice, please don’t hesitate to contact me, the Secretary Jennifer Guiney ( ), or any member of the Board of Directors.


Jim Greenough,
President, Cheer Canada