Dance Age Grids

Cheer Canada is pleased to publish formal age grid for All Star and Scholastic Performance Cheer for the 2019-20 season. This age grid lists the many divisions that may be offered by an event producer. If a division is deep, the event producer may elect to subdivide the divisions based on team size. Cheer Canada recommends splitting the divisions equally so there will be 50% of the teams in each division.

DivisionAge RangeTeam SizeGender
Tiny6 and under4 or moreMixed
Mini5-94 or moreMixed
Youth5 – 124 or moreMixed
Junior8 – 154 or moreMixed
International Junior (IASF)10-156-30All Girl & Coed
Senior11-184 or moreMixed
Open14+4 or moreMixed
International Open (IASF)14+6-30No Male, Coed & All Male
Dance Abilities5+No min/maxMixed

International teams’ age as of December 2020