Notice of Special Meeting of the Members of Cheerleading Canada Inc.

Notice date: May 23, 2017

TO:               All Members of Cheerleading Canada Inc. (“CCI”), Chuck Holland, Patti McNeil and Mishayla Kapell

FROM:       Alberta Cheerleading Association, Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association, Ontario Cheerleading Federation, the Fédération de Cheerleading du Québec and Cheer Nova Scotia (representing a total of 73% of votes of CCI)

cc:                Don Moffatt, Chair, Members By-Law committee
Lisa Aucoin, participant of the Members By-Law committee
Leanne Charleton, President, New Brunswick Cheer Association

In accordance with Article III of the By-Laws of Cheerleading Canada Inc., Notice is hereby provided of a Special Meeting of the Members of CCI to be held:

DATE:         Tuesday, June 26, 2017

TIME:          7:00 pm (EDT) / 4:00pm (Pacific) / 8:00 pm (Atlantic)

PLACE:       Meeting to be held electronically, via conference call.


  1. To consider and vote upon the following Resolution:Whereas it is the desire of the Members to update its By-Laws to meet the needs of the Members, the International Cheer Union and the Not for Profit Act of Canada, andWhereas the Members have had the opportunity to provide input into making revisions to the current By-Laws of Cheerleading Canada Inc. (“CCI”) for the past eight months through a committee of the Members led by Don Moffatt,

    It is hereby resolved that the attached proposed By-Laws of Cheerleading Canada Inc. be approved.

  2. to discuss and appoint a Nominating Committee for the Members of CCI; such Nominating Committee, to receive nominations for the position of Regional Directors from each Region of CCI, to determine criteria for At Large Directors and to solicit nominations for the position of At Large Directors for CCI.



Voting Delegates of Members (in good standing) of Cheerleading Canada may participate in the Special Meeting. Names of Delegates of each Member must be provided to Mishayla Kapell (info@cheerleadingcanadainc.com) no later than Friday, June 16, 2017.



  1. Existing By-Laws of Cheerleading Canada Inc.
  2. Proposed revised By-Laws for approval by the Members
  3. Memo from Don Moffatt relating to nominating committees.
  4. Memo relating to method of voting at the Special Meeting.
  5. Memo summarizing substantive changes to the By-Laws proposed in September, 2016

The above information has been distributed to voting members – the provincial sport organizations. Please contact your provincial sport organization, Don Moffatt, or Jim Greenough for any questions regarding these.



WHAT:                    An information session to be held via conference call will be held to discuss the revised By-Laws and related matters. This will be an opportunity for questions, discussion and consideration of any last minute suggestions for change.

WHEN:                    Tuesday, May 30th at 7:00 pm EDT, Conference Call

WHO:                       Any Director of a Member of CCI, or interested party may participate. All voting Delegates of Members or their representative are asked to participate at a minimum.



  • Alberta Cheerleading Association, by Jim Greenough, Voting Delegate & Participant, By-Law Committee
  • Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association, by Jennifer Ritchie, Voting Delegate
  • Ontario Cheerleading Federation, by Tara Savoie, Voting Delegate & Participant, By-Law Committee
  • Fédération de Cheerleading du Québec, by Michel Lapierre, Voting Delegate
  • Cheer Nova Scotia, by Donna Thompson, Voting Delegate

Questions can be directed to your Provincial Sport Organization, Don Moffatt (don.e.moffatt@gmail.com), or Jim Greenough (jimtgreenough@gmail.com).



All official Cheer Canada communication will be distributed through the info@cheerleadingcanadainc.com email, or through this website.